hr digital transformation

Succesful HR Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (DT) has been taking industries by storm, including HR. How can you succeed at implementing HR digital transformation? 

We are already in an extremely digital world. Almost everyone owns some sort of a digital device. Thus, it’s a no-brainer: businesses that use new technology will thrive and grow; those who hide away from it will experience otherwise. 

Indeed, digital technology has the potential to completely transform a business. However, it is not as easy as turning on a light. If you’re planning to implement DT (which is you must, by the way), there are various steps that you must take before starting the journey. 

The HR department needs to be heavily evolved. Everything runs through HR. This is where HR digital transformation comes in. 

Steps for HR Digital Transformation 

HR digital transformation is where the department moves away from manual processes to automated, data-driven processes. Yet, the term does not mean that HR is the only one that will benefit from this. Instead, the whole business – from top to bottom – will benefit from a digital change. 

Follow the steps below for a smooth and complete DT. 

Define your goals 

You must take this step before going any further. Define and set your goals. Otherwise, you will have no specific direction and never achieve anything. 

Identify the processes that your employees find mundane and time-consuming. Afterward, look at which of these processes you can automate with a digital system. This will certainly increase workplace productivity. Moreover, it will quite simply make your employees happier. 

After listing down your employees’ needs, consider your needs as a leader, too. Your needs and employees’ needs can be massively different. For instance, maybe you’re struggling to acquire data on employee absence. Moreover, manually keeping track of job applicants is surely not an easy task. 

The key here is to list everything regardless of how small it may be.

Develop a strategy

It’s time to rank the list of tools and technology you’ve got from step 1. This is now the step where you need to really dive into the information you collected. For instance, will the sales team really benefit from having new laptops, or is it just so they can take them home at the weekend?

Yet, don’t just think that you must get the thing that everyone has asked for. On the other hand, a single piece of tech may not give everything you need. This just shows that you really think about the benefit to the whole business before building your HR tool kit. 

Build your HR tool kit

Take your time and compare multiple systems. Picking the right digital transformation technologies is crucial for the success of your initiatives. 

Make sure that the digital tools you choose are easy to implement. A tool is not ideal to use when it requires you to most of the heavy lifting. 

Measure, measure, and measure again

Some tools will allow you to do this easily. Yet, the best way to see if your technology is any good is by asking. Ask your employees if they are happy with it. Sincerely ask for their feedback.