McKinsey Digital Transformation Framework

McKinsey Digital Transformation Framework

McKinsey digital transformation framework can help companies today. It can also help your company if you also want to start the journey. How so? Read on to know more.

McKinsey Digital Transformation Framework

Senior Management Buy-In

Digital transformation (Dx) means company-wide changes. Thus, McKinsey stresses out the value of getting senior management buy-in. These people are the key to your Dx budget. Also, they can help your company make decisions faster.

Set Clear Goals

Next, you will need to set goals. What do you want to achieve in doing Dx? Then, point out key milestones to look out for during the journey. You can start from the small ones to the big ones.

To make goals, you can base them on:

  • revenues
  • cost savings
  • better employee performance
  • new ways of working
  • employee satisfaction
  • customer satisfaction

Secure Investment

Holding back on your Dx will do you more bad than good. In Dx, you get what you pay for, as many would say. So, if you are willing to invest big, then you also reap big. Thus, you will need to take risks to have a higher chance of success.

Top-Notch Dx Team

Companies today install the role of Chief Digital Officer (Dx). This is a temporary role that will help them in their Dx. As per McKinsey, you also need to do this. Why?

CDOs can be a great help for your company. They will be the ones to spearhead your Dx efforts. Then, do not forget to assemble a top-notch Dx team that the CDO will lead. Be sure that each one is great at their roles.

Promote Agile

Agile is the new way of working. It drives speed and autonomy. Also, it stresses the value of cutting tasks into small chunks to make them more manageable. So, you will need to promote agility in your workplace. Then, do periodic assessments and make a digital unit to do that.

Drive Digital Culture

A digital culture will help your company to fast-track your Dx. How can you do this? By training your employees and doing workshops. Let them understand the whys and hows of your transformation. Then, inculcate in their minds the value of having the right mindset and behavior towards it.

Build Capabilities

Mindset is one thing, capabilities are another. So, you also need to foster the right digital skill along with the right systems. This will help you solve any skills gap that your company has. Also, you can opt to hire new digital talents.

New Operating Model

An operating model is how you deliver value to your customers. Because you are doing Dx, then, you will need to make a new operating model. It is not enough that you adopt new systems and more. You will also need to think of new ways to deliver to your customers.

Digital Transformation Framework

McKinsey’s Dx framework is a good guide to help you with your Dx. Another thing that can help you is a good digital adoption platform. This will ensure that your workers adopt new digital tools well. To do so, you can use WalkMe.