digital transformation technologies

Digital Transformation Technologies

The use of new digital transformation technologies today has been influential. These technologies make a huge impact on businesses now.

You might be wondering what those well-known techs are and how they make a huge influence on firms.

So, in this post, we’ll look at some of the most promising digital transformation technologies to keep an eye on. Keep reading!

Real-time analytics and big data

As we switch to technological systems, the amount of data we receive increases. So it needs accurate processing of data.

In this context, Big Data is a great help. It allows smoothly analyzing data.


These technologies are capable of changing existing business models. In addition, the use of the cloud provides the ability to use remote resources, reducing the hardware cost.

This application allows users to operate more online and save huge amounts of data while keeping the highest level of security.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Also on the list is Artificial Intelligence. I know you are familiar with AI, as we often hear it in the context of technology.

AI is an excellent tool for automating difficult decision-making activities. As you know, it is capable of giving inaccessible levels of analytics.

But how does AI relate to DX? Well, through the use of the following techs.

  • Analytics
  • Then, Artificial Intelligence that converses (chatbots, etc.)
  • Also, AuT stands for autonomous things (self-driving cars, drones, etc.)
  • Digital twins are digital copies of each other.

These technologies play an important role in business in easing up a lot of work.

Augmented Reality

AR is the use of digital visuals, sound, or other sensory stimulation sent via technology. It also creates an improved version of the real physical world.

Moreover, businesses use AR nowadays to promote their products and services.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Software robots, like people, can do things like understanding what’s on a screen.

But, software robots can do it faster and more consistently than humans without standing up and stretching or taking a coffee break.

The robotic Process increases the profitability, flexibility, and responsiveness of organizations.

As far as digital transformation is concerned, RPA plays an important role in increasing operational speed, accuracy, and efficiency, while freeing human resources for higher-level tasks.


Mobile technology is a term used to describe technology that’s used wherever a person goes.

Most people today use phones. Wherever you go, you can see many individuals holding their phones, using laptops, and many more.

Mobile technologies integrate communications devices, computing devices, and networking technology to make a portable two-way communication network.

Moreover, mobile technologies are an essential safety tool. Family communication is easy while traveling.

Mobile technology will likely remain in use for quite some time. It is especially true because there is a wide range of extra features on the horizon to better meet our basic needs and make life easier.


As you know, to start a DX procedure, it won’t be enough to use just one digital transformation technology.

For all the company’s processes to function, it requires an integrated approach to the use of technology.