Digital Transformation Team

Digital Transformation Team

Making a digital transformation team is important before undergoing the journey. Each person on the team has a set role to play. But who should these people be?

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Digital Transformation Team

Chief Data Officer or Enterprise Data Officer

To do a digital transformation (Dx), data and analytics are crucial. These are where you will base your decision-making. Thus, making sure that all your steps are the right ones.

So, you will need someone to be your data officer to:

  • look at blueprints
  • align digital tools with data assets
  • connect to business strategy

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

No Dx will succeed without a culture change. This will only happen if you have someone from the C-level to help you, and that should be your CDO.

This person will:

  • lead your digital initiatives
  • get buy-in from other C-suites
  • report to the CEOs

Cloud Architect

One of the enablers of Dx is the cloud. So, in doing the journey, it is basic to move to the cloud. But you can only do this with a cloud architect in your team.

Your cloud architect should have the skills to:

  • build hybrid clouds
  • take full advantage of cloud technologies
  • remove IT silos

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Lead

RPA is now picking up pace as more and more companies are seeing its benefits. It frees them from their boring and mundane tasks.

So, to take advantage of RPA, you will need an RPA lead. This person will:

  • use RPA tools and automate repetitive tasks
  • work with DevOps and business users
  • make business cases and value statements on why investing in automation are vital

Business Process Expert

Doing Dx also means automating processes by using techs like AI, robotics, and more. So, you will need an expert in the business process to help you with this.

This person will look at your processes in detail. they will:

  • monitor the current workflow
  • design a new workflow
  • make remote collaboration possible

Database Administrator

Large-scale data migration is a big thing now in doing Dx. Thus, you will need an admin to help you with this.

Your database admin will:

  • monitor of Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS solutions
  • manage these systems
  • work with application teams
  • drive better security

User Experience (UX) Expert

What is your reason for doing Dx? At the end of the day, it is always for your customers. So, you need to have a UX expert that will:

  • map where you need to meet your customers
  • find gaps and new opportunities
  • enhance touchpoints for customers

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Security is a huge issue today. Doing a Dx poses a lot of risks to companies. That is why you need to have a CISO in your team to:

Complete Digital Transformation Team

As you can see, all these people have distinct but equally important roles. But doing a Dx will not succeed if your digital adoption rate is low. So, to help with that, you can use WalkMe. The world’s leading platform for that.