digital transformation strategy examples

Digital Transformation Strategy Examples Worth Implementing

Some companies are having struggles implementing digital transformation (DT). Listed below are some of the best digital transformation strategy examples.

Digital transformation strategy 1: choose the technologies that people really want

There’s a lot of technologies available in the market. However, trying to install every emerging technology won’t do you any good. Choose the technologies that are proven to be effective and efficient. Doing so will attract potential customers and clients who want to use your company’s new platform. 

Remember that your main goals in implementing DT are to improve the efficiency of your workforce and build value with end-users. 

Digital transformation strategy 2: hire competitive talents

Your employees are the driving force of DT. Thus, you must embrace combining competitive skills and talents throughout the company. However, it is hard to attract talent in hot IT areas like data science and UX. You may consider posting on social media, offering webcam interviews, and maybe leverage LinkedIn to look for potential employees.

Getting people to apply to your company is one thing, but how would you sort out the best? Sponsor a small contest for your candidates to come up with solutions for your expected problems in the company. Furthermore, challenge them to defend their ideas in the most creative and convincing ways. 

Thus, you’ll have new valuable solutions at the end of the competition. More importantly, it points out the best candidates for you to hire. 

Digital transformation strategy 3: develop user-friendly systems 

The purpose of a digital system is to lessen the struggles of the human workforce. The system automates repetitive tasks so employees can have more time to focus on higher-value tasks. Make sure that your digital systems meet their actual purpose – being user-friendly. 

A digital system is user-friendly if it is:

  • Easy to operate and can function without the need for third-party software
  • Efficient
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Effective in handling errors
  • Abides by set standards

Leverage the power of data analytics 

One of the best digital transformation strategy examples is taking advantage of data analytics. This is the process of extracting actionable insights from massive volumes of data. Afterward, such insights enable you to answer corporate questions such as “what are the company’s popular products?” and “what are the shortcomings of our computer systems?”

Form an R&D team

An R&D or research and development team helps the company maximize the usage of available technologies. Moreover, this team further explores the functions and uses of new technologies. 

You must not stick to a piece of technology because it grows obsolete as time passes. After all, technology is bound to develop and advance. An R&D team ensures that the company keeps up with the current market demands. 

Move away from legacy technologies 

Most companies make the mistake of relying too much on legacy technology. However, people know the technology they want. Moreover, their demands change, too. Hence, you have to accommodate these desires if you want to retain a competitive advantage.