Digital Transformation Predictions

Digital Transformation Predictions

Digital transformation is skyrocketing right now. That is why there are various digital transformation predictions that experts are eyeing for the future. What are some of these? Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation Predictions

Remote Work Will Become Normal

Today, we can already see a lot of companies that have employees that work remotely. This is because of the benefits that come with it. One of these is the fact that they don’t need to hire office space for them to work. Also, it helps them save more money. And of course, it keeps them safe from the pandemic.

This setup will become normal even after the pandemic. This is because this kind of work style doesn’t involve much travel to and from the office. So, employees can do their jobs from the comfort of their homes or wherever they want to. This saves them from spending a lot of money on gas and other travel expenses. Also, it helps them spend more time with their families.

5G Will Become A Reality

It’s no secret that this generation has seen an explosion when it comes to technology. There are so many digital devices that we use today compared to before. This is why experts believe that 5G will become a reality sooner or later.

5G is a mobile network technology that aims to support download speeds of 10 gigabits per second (10Gbps). Currently, 4G networks use radio frequencies between 700MHz and 28GHz but 5G networks will use radio frequencies as high as 60GHz. Thus, data will be transmitted in shorter bursts but at a much faster speed. So, more users can simultaneously use the same network without slowdowns or lag time. Experts believe that this network could be used by users even within two to three years from now.

Artificial Intelligence Will Get Smarter

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now but experts believe that it will get smarter over the next few years or so. At the moment, AI is being used for various uses. Areas such as traffic control, security systems, and many others like these. In the future, AI could even be used for highly sensitive jobs like healthcare and law enforcement among others.

The reason why AI could do these jobs better than human beings is that it doesn’t get tired easily. Also, it doesn’t feel emotions like humans do which may cause them to make mistakes.

Cybersecurity Will Become More Important

There are so many cybersecurity threats that people face today. This is why experts think that cybersecurity will become more important in the future. This is due to cybercriminals continuing to find new ways to hack, steal, and damage our data. So, we need to be prepared for them to take advantage of us.

Also, the government will likely intervene in this area more than it does now. This is because they’ve been working on this for a long time now but not much progress has been made yet. This is why they are probably going to increase their efforts and invest more in cybersecurity in the future.

Watch Out for These Digital Transformation Predictions

Does that not sound exciting? We can already see the start of those predictions. What are you most excited about?