Digital Transformation Initiative

Digital Transformation Initiative

A digital transformation initiative is important for every company. But there are a lot of initiatives that you can do for your company.

If you want to do a digital transformation (Dx), then you need to know what initiatives to do. To help you, read this article.

Digital Transformation Initiative

Focus on Customer Experience

Customers are what makes or breaks your business. So, they need to be the core of your Dx. To do so, you need to give them the best customer experience. This became more crucial when the pandemic came. You need to think about your customer’s welfare.

What do you need to do? First, change your driving force. You need to make it about the customer experience, not your products. Then, ask yourself some questions. Like “How does our product help our customers? How does it make things easier for them?”

There are many ways to get answers on how to enhance your customer experience. One way to do that is to gather feedback from your customers. Then, adjust your strategy based on their feedback.

Leave Silos for Agile

Today, employees are pushed to do their jobs from home. Thus, they need to find ways to collaborate, meet, and more. But this is not possible if silos are still present in your company. So, it can be part of your initiatives to leave silos for agile.

Why is agile crucial? Because it can drive your team members to work together without boundaries. Thus, making it possible to work together with other teams. How can you do this? One of the ways is to drive DevOps-style practice with all your IT operations.

Find Ways to Automate

Automating is another great Dx initiative to do. If you have any projects on hold, automation can be a great help. How? You can start by experimenting with a simple task. Then, you can use technologies like:

  • mobile apps
  • native cloud automation

Starting small can help you move forward to more complex techs. So, you can go ahead and try:

  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning

Automation is now starting to be a norm in doing Dx. There are many benefits to it.

Make “Everything as a Service” (XaaS)

A lot of companies today are now jumping onto the “aaS” train. What is this? It is any web-based on-demand service. Today is the time that you also follow this trend. Why?

Then pandemic has no signs of stopping yet. So, a XaaS can help you thrive even in this pandemic. “Events as a Service” is one of the highest rising aaS today. It is helping companies do events even virtually.

Because of aaS, it is possible to be more agile. So, it is a good move to add this to your Dx initiative.

What is Your Digital Transformation Initiative?

As you can see, all these initiatives are crucial but all doable. If you want to ensure a high adoption rate with all your tech initiatives, then you can use WalkMe. It is the leading digital adoption platform today.