Digital Transformation in Marketing

Digital Transformation in Marketing

The digital transformation in marketing is now picking up pace. The rise of many technologies made it possible to change how we market today. In what ways? Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation in Marketing

Doing digital transformation (Dx) is not an option today, it is now a requirement. To survive, companies now need to do one.

The marketing sector is one of the pioneers in doing Dx. Once new techs rose, a new breed of marketing also rose. Thus, changing the way brands market to their audience these days.

What, then, does the marketing look like today thanks to Dx?

Digital Transformation in Marketing: Key Changes

Digital Funnel

A funnel is what marketers use to map possible steps their potential customers make. The map features the start to the end of the journey. The funnel looks like this:

  • Awareness. This is when audiences heard about a product.
  • Interest. Shoppers get to know the product.
  • Consideration. They are now thinking of whether to buy the product or not.
  • Intent. Feeling the need to have the product.
  • Decision. Buying process.

Before digital techs rose, the funnel is very direct. Also, companies can only guess and hope for the best. They can only send out marketing materials and wait for the results in the end.

Today, thanks to digital techs and Dx, the funnel became very easy to follow. Thus, helping marketers track their marketing strategies in real-time.


In a lot of sectors today, personalization is the most effective way to market today. Thus, changing the approach of many marketers.

Due to Dx, marketing can give the personalization customers want. It helps companies have both metrics and interactivity. These two can track the actions and behaviors of users. The marketers can then collect these data to use in their marketing strategy.

One example is the use of AI and machine learning. These tools can track what a shopper bought. Then, it will make suggestions based on that. Aside from that, we now also see metrics from social media apps. Thus, making it easier for marketers to do their jobs.


Dx made marketing to be more interactive. People now have a lot of choices versus traditional media where they cannot choose what to see. In contrast, digital media gives what people want. Choices. They can choose:

  • what to see
  • how they want to see it
  • who to share it with

Today, marketing in social media is now a big thing. So, audiences can:

  • follow company accounts
  • ask them questions
  • get help
  • post feedbacks
  • read reviews
  • share a content
  • give a reaction (like, heart, and more)

Due to this, customers now feel closer to a brand. This will then drive brand loyalty and customer retention.

Digital Transformation in Your Marketing

Do you also want to do a Dx? Then, you can do that in your marketing sector first. But of course, you want to ensure that your employees will adapt to it well. To do so, you can use WalkMe. Today’s leading digital adoption platform.