Digital Transformation Facts

Digital Transformation Facts to Know

Knowing digital transformation facts is vital before starting with the journey. One of these should be about what most companies think and do.

In this article, we will know three digital transformation (Dx) facts. Then, we will see what we can learn from them. So, read on.

Digital Transformation Facts to Know

95% Think a Digital Workplace is Vital

As per CMS Wire, most organizations today think that a digital workplace is vital. Why? Because most of them know where they are at the moment. Also, they see the value of digital tools. But, even with this knowledge, only a third are doing Dx.

Thus, we can see a big gap between those who know the value of Dx versus those acting upon it. Many are aware that they need to do Dx and that their rivals are doing it. But when are they going to catch up?

As time goes by, the world is only getting more and more modern. So, companies can only hope they are not late in doing Dx. If they are, they risk being behind rivals and becoming less relevant.

70% Changed Their Top Teams

Almost 70% of companies changed their top teams during Dx, as per McKinsey. Why? This stresses the need for a change in a company’s foundation.

True, Dx is manageable. Yet, it can be hard to do so if you do not take the right steps. So, you need to ensure they make the right:

When talking about change, the biggest one you need to change is at the top. Thus, having the right leaders is crucial. This person will guide your company and your people. Also, they will ensure a smooth transition with any changes you need to do.

Thus, we can understand why many companies are changing their top teams. You should, too.

68% Believe the Future Relies on People and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, 68% of business leaders believe that the future relies on AI and people working together. That is what Fujitsu Survey gathered. And what they said is not far from the truth. Why?

A lot of companies now use AI. It now plays a vital role in many departments. May it be in customer service, process, data analysis, and more. Many companies now see the value of AI, too. As a result, more and more are looking to adopt AI and AI-based solutions and tools.

So, what can you learn from this? See the value of AI. But of course, you cannot use it without the right digital techs. Having that will help you lay the foundation for your company’s future.

Digital Transformation Fact

The three facts above can help you adjust your Dx plan to ensure success. Another Dx fact to consider is that it will only be called a success with a high adoption rate. But how can you ensure that? You can use a digital adoption platform (DAP) to aid your employees. WalkMe is the best DAP to use today.