Digital Transformation and IoT

Digital Transformation and IoT

Digital transformation and IoT are working together to make the journey a success. How are they doing that and what is their relationship?

If you want to know more, then this article is for you. So, read on.

Digital Transformation and IoT

Digital transformation (Dx) is all about data. Collecting and using customer data will help you drive your business. Thus, making you closer to your customers.

If, then, you are a traditional company, then start with digitization. Build a digital link with your customers. This will help you reach out to them. But how can you do this? With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). It can help you digitize your physical products.

The more digital you are, the higher your edge is over your rivals. So, this can put more pressure on you to do a Dx. But IoT is here to help. How?

Digital Transformation and IoT: Working Together

How do Dx and IoT work together? Today, there exists a term called IoT-based Dx. What is this? This applies to your physical products.

Both Dx and IoT value data and sees it as vital to help your company grow. To do that, IoT will collect data from the physical world. Then, analyze it.

For example, the most common form of IoT is wearables. These devices can collect data from the wearer and their surroundings. Then, they convert that data into insights that you can use in your Dx. The process is like this:

  1. the IoT’s sensor will get the internal source data
  2. it converts said data into a digital payload
  3. sends the data into the operational technology network
  4. then it sends it to the IT network
  5. it makes its way to the public cloud
  6. then it stores it in a database for analytics software or AI to process
  7. lastly, the information is stored in the company’s system. Different departments will then be able to see and use them

How, then, will you be able to use IoT to the full?

Using IoT to the Full

If you are using IoT, the most vital it collects about your products are its:

  • usability
  • utility
  • performance

So, if you have this data, it can help you see which areas you can improve on. Thus, it can help you enhance your products or develop new ones. Also, if you become digital-based thanks to IoT, you will enjoy:

  • enhanced efficiency
  • better competitiveness
  • better customer experience
  • faster innovation
  • new business models

These are the reasons why a lot of companies are now using IoT to the full. They are seeing its value and want to enjoy all its benefits. True, there may be security issues with IoT devices. But if you do not skip on cybersecurity, then all is good.

Last Words

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using IoT. For one, it makes your Dx effort a success. To help with that, you can also use a digital adoption platform. WalkMe is the leading choice for that.