Digital Adoption Platform Vendors

Digital Adoption Platform Vendors

Decades ago, digital adoption platform vendors are unheard of. But in this modern world, they are rising at a rapid phase. Why?

More companies today are adopting new technologies. But it is hard to ensure a high adoption rate. That is why they need help.

So, what can a digital adoption platform (DAP) do to help? And what are the top vendors today? Let us get to know them in this article.

Digital Adoption Platform Vendors


The top DAP vendor today is WalkMe. This platform is best to use at an organizational level. Aside from that, WalkMe is also an acknowledgment management software. What is its strong suit?

WalkMe uses artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, making their platform smart. With this, it can guide your sales team and enhance everyone’s productivity. Also, it lets you integrate hundreds of tools, like Salesforce. So, there is no hassle if you are using many tools.

Further, WalkMe is easy to use. Beginners can make a walkthrough for workers and it can even give suggestions. To try it out, you can choose between their basic and custom plans. You just need to contact them and they will give you a quote.


For many, Apty is the tool to go. Why? Because it can be used on both organization and consumer levels. You can make easy-to-use web-based apps for both your employees and customers.

Like WalkMe, Apty is also using AI for its platform. Aside from that, it also uses robotic process automation (RPA). So, you can automate many of your mundane tasks with Apty. Also, one of its strong suits is that it has strong analytical features. You can even make product tours for your users.

If you plan to try Apty, they offer a free trial. Then, if you enjoyed it, you can upgrade to a custom plan and ask for a quote. This will enable you to use more useful features.


Pendo is another leading DAP today. Using Pendo is best at the consumer level. Aside from a DAP, it is also a product experience platform. In other words, it is helpful for your software teams. With Pendo, they can make, test, and collect feedback on your products.

Further, you can monitor a lot of areas. For example, it can track how many clicks does a customer needs to do to complete a buying cycle. Thus, giving you actionable insights. The great this about Pendo is that its UX is clean and simple. So, beginners will not have a hard time using it.

To try Pendo, you can ask them for a quote. They have three pricing levels. The Team, Pro, and Enterprise. So, you can choose one that suits your budget.

Digital Adoption Platform Vendor for You

As you can notice, all these DAPs are easy to use. That is why these tools are helpful for many companies today. Also, that is the reason why it is helping raise a company’s adoption rate.

How about you? Have you found which one of the three DAPs will suit your needs?