Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption Platform: Overview

Today, the rise of new technologies made digital adoption crucial. To help with this, the digital adoption platform (DAP) market is rising.

Do you know what a DAP is? If not, this article is for you. Keep on reading to know more.

What is Digital Adoption?

To get to know what a DAP is, we first need to know what digital adoption is. It is a state in which users have the skills to use digital tools to their full power to finish a task. Tools may include devices, programs, websites, apps, software, and more.

Thus, digital adoption is not about merely being able to use a tool using its basic functions. Users need to be fluent in using the tools to the point of using its advanced features. As a result, they can finish their tasks better and faster.

To help ensure a high digital adoption rate, DAPs are rising. What are these?

Digital Adoption Platform


A DAP is a type of software that helps employees get to know how to use digital tools. Companies use this to ease onboarding and training for employees. It aims to help them have a high adoption rate.

Before, DAP works as an on-screen assistant used together with web-based applications. But today, it is weaved as a part of the process. How?

DAPs today are placed on top of web apps. Then, as the user uses the web app, the DAP will assist them on how it. As a result, the tour to the app is seamless as it does not distract the user.

True, DAP vendors have one goal in mind. But not all DAP has the same features. Here are some signs that make a great DAP:

  • User-friendly. Beginners should be able to use it with the help of clear and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Adaptable. It should be able to guide with any tasks, like setting up a password and more.
  • Analytics. It should have built-in analytics that shows how the DAP is being used.
  • Automation. It should be able to spot repetitive tasks. Then, it should be able to automate them to save time.

One of the best DAPs today is WalkMe. This is the leading vendor in the market today and many big names trust them. If you want to try using a DAP, then this can be a good option. But what are the benefits of using one?


Companies enjoy a lot of benefits to using a DAP. Here are some:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity. DAPs help employees become better adept at using digital tools. As a result, they finish their tasks faster.
  • Drives Innovation. Due to the time they saved, employees can use it to be more creative.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction. Employees can focus on finding a solution to their customers’ problems.
  • Improved Employee Experience. Since they are guided on how to use digital tools, employees become happier doing their jobs.

As you can see, DAPs are now valuable. Are you already planning to use one in your company?