Digital Adoption by Industry

Digital Adoption by Industry

How does digital adoption come to play in industries today? To help you get an idea, we will see samples of digital adoption by industry. This will help you see why digital adoption is vital in this modern world.

Digital Adoption by Industry

Food Industry

The food industry is growing exponentially due to the increase in the human population. The food industry is expected to grow to $7 trillion by 2020. That’s why this industry must adopt digital technology. This will help in better tracking of food, faster time to market, and more efficient management.

The use of blockchain technology in the food industry makes it more efficient. First, by ensuring that there is no food fraud or fraudulent practices. Also, blockchain ensures that all foods are traceable and can be traced to their origin through a QR code or a unique ID. Thus, this ensures that customers can always know where their food comes from and how fresh it is.

Digital adoption in the food industry will help in preventing foodborne illnesses. Also, it protects consumers from being duped into buying fake foods. Further, it can help them reduce costs, and ensure quality control of products from start to finish.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It focuses on designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings. The construction industry has been suffering due to missing out on digital technology. This is because this industry has a wide range of stakeholders, from clients, contractors, and workers.

Digital technology adoption in the construction industry will help the stakeholders to communicate better. This will help reduce the cost of building materials, and the overall cost of the project. Also, it will help you track your project and improve on it by getting maximum feedback from your stakeholders

The use of blockchain technology in the construction industry can prove to be useful. Because it can store information such as designs, blueprints, payments made for material suppliers, and even timesheets from all workers. Also, this helps in establishing accountability and transparency while also streamlining administrative work.

Digital adoption in the construction industry can also help in making the process of dealing with disputes between clients and contractors more efficient. It can allow for easier communication between all parties involved in a project.

Energy Industry

The energy industry is one of the largest industries worldwide and is vital for maintaining daily life across the globe. This is because it provides power to homes and businesses across the globe. That’s why this industry needs to adopt digital technology sooner than later or risk being left behind by other more efficient industries that have already adopted it successfully.

Digital technology can help this industry by enabling better communication between stakeholders. Also, by increasing efficiency of usage of resources such as energy, water, and more. Then, by improving safety monitoring and reducing costs through automation which will be made possible through artificial intelligence (AI). 

Digital Adoption in Industries

As you can see, digital adoption in these industries are essential. But they are not the only ones that digital adoption can help. Almost every sector out there needs to do it. How about your company?