CIO Digital Transformation Roles

CIO Digital Transformation Roles

CIO digital transformation roles are now evolving to mean more. The roles they play are essential to the success of their company’s journey.

For one, they need to make sure their company does all types of digital transformation (Dx). Also, they will need to lead them all the way.

Thus, aside from being a good leader, they need to fill their roles well. What, then, are the CIO’s roles?

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CIO Digital Transformation Roles

Chief Information Officer or CIO. As said, this person will need to lead their company’s Dx. Further, they will direct each step of the way in the journey.

Aside from that, they will be the ones to decide on which techs to adopt. Or what innovations they plan to do later on.

But one of the hurdles they face is the use of new techs. As well as inventing IT innovations to enhance their business process.LAs

Thus, they need to be aware of the changes in their customer’s demands. So that they can adapt and change their course based on those demands.

What they can they do to be better in their roles? If you are also a CIO yourself, take note of the things you can do below.

CIO Digital Transformation Roles: Tips to Get Better

Start From the Executive Level

First off, you will need to start with getting buy-ins from those at the executive level. Once you start at the top, it would be easier to go down the ladder and get their support.

Why is this crucial? Because to make your Dx a success, change should not be limited to only one or two departments. It will need everything.

So, starting from the top will let your workers see how serious you are with Dx.


Good leaders are inspiring. So, rather than pushing your ideas into people, you need to instead inspire them to be on board the changes.

Thus, inspire both your fellow C-suite employees, stakeholders, and customers. If everyone is on board, your company’s Dx will run smoother.

Then, you will also need to see the hurdles your company is facing. So that you can find solutions to them and inspire everyone to work on them.

Invest in Nurturing IT Experts

Last, you will also need to make future leaders. So, nurture the pool of talents you have and help them grow.

Further, you will need to inspire them. As well as stress to them their value and roles they have in your company’s Dx.

Then, you will also need to find out if there is a digital skills gap present in your company. And find ways to fill that gap by training your current workers and hiring new ones.

Be the Best CIO for Your Digital Transformation

As you can see, your role is vital for your company’s Dx. So, be the best CIO for your company’s Dx.

But of course, you would want to have a high digital adoption rate after your Dx. So, to achieve that, you can use WalkMe’s platform.