best books on digital transformation

Best Books on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (DT) impacts everything about your business. These digital transformation books will help you develop a winning strategy. 

When X Meets Design by Brian Solis 

Imagine that you are about to buy a product or service. What do you think of it? Which factors do you consider when making the purchase decision? Is it the product itself, or its marketing? Maybe you consider its warranty or the fact that all of your friends recommended it to you. Whether it’s the product, reviews, or marketing, there is always something you expect. 

The book When X Meets Design emphasizes how crucial it is for brands to create and deliver a wonderful customer experience. When customers receive such a quality of service, they are more likely to remember your brand and recommend it to others. 

Furthermore, you must take care of your brand’s reputation across all channels. Leverage the power of social media by connecting with your clients and knowing their expectations. Empathy is the number one trait you must have to achieve that, and this book helps us how to show it. 

Thus, this book is one of the digital transformation books that clearly help brands to improve relationships and engagement to generate valuable outcomes. 

Digital Sense by Chris J. Snook and Travis Wright 

You are heading in the wrong direction if you don’t have your customers at the center of your business strategy. Putting people as your main focus will lead to achievement. 

The Digital Sense book provides readers with a framework to optimize the customer experience. This framework helps your brand gain a competitive advantage in the renewing market we live in. Moreover, the authors stress the need to align customer demands with business goals. 

Let’s face it – the client is the main factor to take decisions. Customers are more empowered and expectant than ever before. Hence, you must put them as a priority in your strategies. This book also educates readers on how to blend marketing technology, customer experience, and social business. 

Lean Startup by Eric Ries 

Most startups fail. Fortunately, those mistakes are preventable. The key to that is to apply the lean methodology. Lean means continuous improvement. Thus, this book helps businesses to develop and manage startups. You’ll learn how to adjust continuously to achieve goals. 

Eric Ries divides the book into three main parts: vision, steer and accelerate. You’ll learn in this book the true meaning of startup, minimum viable product, and how to apply the lean methodology. The book also educates readers on how to shorten the product development cycle. Moreover, you’ll learn how to understand what customers really want. 

Hacking Marketing by Scott Brinker 

Scott Brinker teaches readers how to be fast, fearless, and open-minded in marketing. You’ll also learn how to apply different technological tactics to your marketing department. Some examples of those tactics are agility, innovation, and lean. You need such tactics to overcome challenges and move quickly in a complex market. 

This is one of the must-read digital transformation books as it teaches readers about the five digital dynamics and how marketing relates to software.